FIPRO® proizvodi za protipožarno zaščito izpolnjujejo zahtevne pogoje varnostnih in protipožarnih predpisov v vseh pogledih. Plošče so uspešno preizkusili številni nacionalni in mednarodni organi. Izdelki FIPRO® se nenehno izboljšujejo in izpolnjujejo zahteve najnovejših predpisov na področju požarne varnosti.

FIPRO® – Izdelki za protipožarno zaščito

Poiščite informacije o naših neobdelanih in dekorativnih FIPRO® ploščah, profilih in obdelavi.


FIPRO® – uporaba

FIPRO® negorljive protipožarne plošče se uporabljajo za konstrukcije razreda A, B in C: pregradne stene, strope, obloge, plavajoče pode, vrata in pohištvo za ladje in platforme.


Prodaja in storitve

Izkoristite strokovno znanje naših svetovalcev, ki imajo večletne izkušnje in se stalno izpopolnjujejo.

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Posebne lastnosti

Zakaj izbrati FIPRO®?

FIPRO®, FIPRO® MS and FIPRO® Light are the non-combustible boards for fire protection to consider when planning and installing any ship and offshore furnishings, as well as public high-rise buildings. It is safe and easy to work with, and can be used anywhere. Besides its excellent properties, it is certified by all leading classification societies and government agencies.
Internal and external control systems, as well as periodic quality monitoring through authorized institutes guarantee consistent high quality vermiculite boards. Strict monitoring surveillance guarantees compliance with the specified technical parameters.

FIPRO® is completely free of asbestos and other hazardous substances, and poses no health hazards during processing. FIPRO® panels are made of vermiculite, a natural material.

Fire protection regulations require construction materials not only to resist flames (non-flammable building materials), but to be toxicologically safe as well.
Our FIPRO® (FIRE PROTECTION) products meet the demanding international requirements of official safety and fire protection regulations aboard ships and on offshore platforms in every respect. They have been successfully tested and approved by all major classification societies and national authorities.

FIPRO® surfaces can be covered with many finish materials desired by decorators and architects. Combined with laminates, wood veneers, polymer films, wall coverings, ceramic, and marble panels, steel and aluminium sheet, post- and softforming edges, etc., FIPRO® meets the aesthetic requirements of the most demanding interior designers.

FIPRO® is used world-wide in public buildings, it protects human life and property aboard ships and on offshore platforms. FIPRO® products are used as A, B, and C Class construction.
In all of these applications, FIPRO® is used as the base material for bulkheads, ceilings, floors, fire doors, linings and also for furniture.

FIPRO® fire protection products are constantly being improved and reflect the latest advances in fire safety engineering.

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