We are MINERALKA d.o.o.
the manufacturer of FIPRO® non-combustible vermiculite boards.

MINERALKA d.o.o. located in Slovenia, is a member of TechnoPhysik Group and a daughter company of TECHNO PHYSIK Engineering GmbH, Germany (www.techno-physik.com), which is specialized in the production and distribution of insulation materials and fire protection products.
The production of non-combustible vermiculite boards began in the 1980s. More than 95% of total production is exported worldwide.

MINERALKA d.o.o. Slovenia with the branch MINERALKA d.o.o. Niederlassung Austria (www.thermax.at) with more than 35 years of experience and expertise ranges among the top leading manufacturers of fire protection products for marine and off-shore interior design and the decorative fire protection, construction, building services and industrial and thermal engineering for high temperature resistant, non-combustible, thermally insulation product for heating industries. Our fire protection products have specific requirements for each optimal solutions.
With our approved FIPRO® constructions and materials you have a wide range of applications for the innovative fire protection.

FIPRO® products have been tested and approved by about 25 different international testing institutes for their suitability and acceptability with respect to preventive fire protection, smoke and gas production as well as materials unobjectionable to the health. These products do not contain asbestos or fibrous materials. They are therefore of no concern to the health.

A little History

In the 1970s, the panel products which had been manufactured from asbestos until that time were replaced by non-objectionable Vermiculite products. After a lengthy period of development, these products were tested in about 25 different international testing institutes for their suitability with respect to fire protection as well as smoke and gas production (Toxicity).

The requirements and tests in the shipbuilding industry are regulated internationally. In 1974, international agreements «For the Protection of Human Life at Sea» were reached with respect to preventive fire protection. New laws and rules came into being under the name of SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea). Treaties were agreed upon, regulations were standardised and new terms defined.

Vermiculite products are today’s market leaders in the field of «preventive fire protection in interior design». The large selection of different surface textures (tiles, marble, laminates [HPL and CPL], bricks, hardwood veneer, metal surfaces, etc.) and their easy handling (they can be cut and processed as easily as wood) make the most attractive designs possible.
Through purposeful product development, fire and noise protection is optimised continuously. The product range is extended and aesthetically appealing solutions are continuously developed in the decorative area.

In addition to this, recommendations and regulations for testing and inspection methods were established in the IMO Resolutions (International Maritime Organisation).
The qualifications which materials and components for shipbuilding must fulfill in general are defined through them. The IMO Resolutions were then applied to the use of these products in special applications, e.g. on offshore platforms, cruise ships, riverboats and megayachts.