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FIPRO® – made from Vermiculite

Preventive fire protection inside buildings is intended to safeguard people and property, save lives, contain fire and facilitate rescue efforts. Fire protection regulations require construction materials not only to resist flames (non-flammable building materials) but to be toxicologically safe as well.

Our FIPRO® products meet the demanding requirements of official safety and fire protection regulations in every respect. They have successfully been tested by numerous national and international bodies.
FIPRO® fire protection products are constantly being improved and reflect the latest advances in fire safety engineering.

Both – the best quality and the nice outlook of FIPRO® offer almost unlimited number of possibilities for interior decorative fire protection. Our FIPRO® products are used all over the world:
In shipbuilding A, B and C class constructions, in building construction – everywhere at places where lots of people gather together: schools, hospitals, banks, office buildings, hotels, theatres, cinemas, airports, railway or bus stations, universities, lifts etc.

FIPRO® surfaces can be covered with many finish materials desired by decorators and architects. Combined with laminates, wood veneers, polymer films, wall-coverings, ceramic and marble panels, steel and aluminium sheet, post- and soft-forming edges, etc. FIPRO® meets the aesthetic requirements of the most demanding interior designers.

FIPRO® is made from vermiculite, a natural raw material. Raw vermiculite is exfoliated at the factory in high temperature furnaces, which increases its volume by several orders of magnitude. The exfoliated vermiculite is mixed with special binders and compressed to form panels.