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Water and Moisture

Through the process of lamination and finishing of the surfaces the accumulation of moisture by the support panel is inhibited or (depending on the coating) prevented.

In case there is a chance of accumulation of moisture in the edges, unprotected edges shall be coated with impermeable coatings. When used in sanitary applications, special care shall be taken. In rooms and areas where direct and intensive water effects can occur, FIPRO® panels must be coated on all surfaces.

UNTREATED FIPRO® fire protection panels are sensible to water.

Moisture Content from Factory

The moisture content of the panels coming from the factory is between 2% and 7%. During transport and storage, it is possible that this value can change. FIPRO® panels have to be protected from wet conditions, and should be stored in dry and enclosed storage areas. The humidity of the air should be between 50 and 60 %, with temperatures of 18 to 22 °C.



To prevent panels form breaking or deforming, the panels must be stacked on pallets or storage lumber at a span of about 30 cm. Storing the panels upright, without good contact on a supporting surface, will lead to deformation that can cause problems for utilization and installation.

No more than 2 original pallets shall be stacked. Pallets in use shall be covered by a panel (e.g. thin particle board) and an additional loose film.


Internal Transport

For transport with fork lift, a fork size of more than 80 cm is recommended. In any case a sufficiently thick underlying surface shall be used. Single panels have to be carried vertically, meaning upright, by 2 people.