FIPRO® products

FIPRO® is the best solution for preventive fire protection on Offshore PlatformsOffshore Platforms|Cruise ships|Riverboats|Megayachts.

Preventive fire protection inside buildings and ships is intended to safeguard people and property, save lives, contain fire, and facilitate rescue efforts.

FIPRO® – Non-Combustible Boards

FIPRO® non-combustible vermiculite boards are available with smooth surface and in large sizes.

FIPRO® FIPRO® MS FIPRO® Light 500 FIPRO® Light 400

FIPRO® – Non-Combustible Decorative Boards

FIPRO® boards are utilized for visible applications with finished surfaces. These are approved, and are especially suitable for interior walls, ceilings, wall coverings, furniture, etc.; for cabins, work and leisure rooms, but especially for public areas. All approved surface materials can be used, such as real wood veneers, laminates, wallpaper, fabric covers, rock, marble, metal, paint, plaster, etc.


FIPRO® – Profiles

All of our profiles comply with the conditions of the international marine safety authorities.



FIPRO® fire protection boards offer a variety of excellent characteristics:

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