• FIPRO® Surface

    Decorative fire protection panels


Flexible in color, shape and size

FIPRO® Surface:

We manufacture components of all kinds for fire protection for your projects. This advantage offers you as a planner, designer and architect countless possibilities for implementing your concepts – with virtually no restrictions in size and shape.

FIPRO® panels are suitable for

• painting
• foil coating
• wallpaper (paper)
• fabric covers
• metal coatings
• ceramic coatings
• marble
• veneering
• HPL and CPL etc.

FIPRO® panels are delivered unsanded ex works. FIPRO® Surface is ideally suited for coating with HPL from a minimum thickness of 0.8 mm. Before applying the adhesives, the front and back sides of the raw boards are cleaned by machine or manually of any granulate residues and freed of dust.

For veneer and top layers with high-gloss and / or thin laminates, the boards are additionally calibrated, i.e. sanded before applying the adhesive, to obtain a perfect FIPRO® Surface.


Panels for furniture
FIPRO® panels with high density are best suited for the production of non-combustible furniture and cabinet fronts. We recommend the FIPRO® standard raw panel with an average density of approx. 800 kg/m³. The mounting panels can be coated with wood veneer (if fire regulations permit), or even better with laminate if they are used as furniture or cabinet parts.


FIPRO® Decorative fire protection, printed


FIPRO® air ducts


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