Approved Constructions


Hinged, Sliding, Single, Double Doors

Hinged single cabin door | Model HI-KD-3

Requirement: B-15 / B-30 Class

Sliding single rebated door | Model HI-SKD-F79-2

Hinged double rebated door | Model HI-BDD-F79-2

Requirement: A-60 Class

In Cooperation with HELLBERGS INTERNATIONAL, Sweden

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Non-combustibility is one of the requirements for the use of interior construction panels in shipbuilding. This is tested in accordance with IMO Resolution A799 (19). FIPRO® has passed all tests and is approved by marine safety authorities and classification companies as a “non-combustible construction material”.
Extensive tests of bulkheads and claddings have been performed with FIPRO®. You can find a selection of approved designs in the following presentations. Certificates are available on request.